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Lock and unlock your BlackBerry to avoid the embarrassing “butt dialing” we’ve all experienced.
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Screen Grabber - Update

Screen Grabber lets you snap a picture with your smart phone and BBM, Tweet or email it with a click. No watermarks. No ads. Just screen grabs the way you want them – EASY!
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JaredCo's Free Wallpapers: Customize Your Smart Phone

Free Wallpapers makes your smart phone unique. Yours. Choose from dozens of categories: animals, nature, cities, sports – whatever your interests. Download this free BlackBerry app.

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WeatherTrax 3.50: The Latest Weather Updated NOW!

Check the forecast fast before your flight. Choose weather updates for cities or regions you visit. Fast. Simple. Clear as the blue, blue sky. Top Rated Weather App on BlackBerry App World.
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One-Touch Flashlight: #1 Flashlight for Blackberry Phones - Updated!

JaredCo’s One-Touch Flashlight uses the bright video light on your Blackberry so you have light where and when you need it. Long life and a potential life-saver.
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Who Is It?: LED Contact Alerts Keep You In Touch

Customize your contacts with LED alerts to make best use of your Blackberry. Automate replies to fit your needs. A must-have when you’re on the go. Rated #1 on App World.
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QR Code Scanner Pro - Update

Snapshot any QR code and automatically dial a number, access a web site or receive contact and other valuable info at the speed of digital.

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Instigram for Blackberry: Share What You See

Share snapshots from camera or folder with a click. Upload to Facebook or Twitter and stay in touch all day. Works online or offline for added convenience. Download free BlackBerry app - OS 5.0+ compatible.

Birthday Minder for Facebook

Birthday Minder, the latest BlackBerry app from JaredCo, keeps personalized birthday greetings coming, so you send the special folks in your life b-day greetings on time. Right day. Right message.

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Message Prevue: See Who's Reaching Out To You

With a discrete pop-up, see who’s calling, texting or emailing you and why. Organize your phone time for callbacks when it’s convenient with this great BlackBerry app.
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Photo Notes: A Picture Is Worth MORE Than A 1,000 Words

Birthday Minder keeps personalized birthday greetings coming, so you send the special folks in your life on facebook b-day greetings on time. Right day. Right message. Get this great BlackBerry app.

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Last Ditch Beacon: Find Your Phone Before It's Gone For Good

Lose your phone? Leave it at one of your stops? Last Ditch Beacon sends out an emergency email with the exact GPS location of your phone when power is on its last gasp. The only BlackBerry app of its kind.
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Horoscope Oracle

The Oracle sees all, knows all, and is all about fun. Your daily horoscope delivered to your inbox automatically. BBM your future to friends with a tap of the Oracle’s screen. Download this great BlackBerry app.

CallBox (normally $1.99)

Let someone make a call with your phone but keep them locked out of the rest of your phone.
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IMpics - Send Photos over SMS (no MMS needed)

Send your pix via short messaging services, email or chat using low bandwidth (it gets there faster). Connect to any links in your contacts file. Click. Unlimited pics with this great BlackBerry app.
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ASAP - Ignore call and send SMS

Ignore Call and Send Custom Text Message. This great BlackBerry app helps you stay connected to your friends and family. OS 5.0+
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Sudoku Supreme

Unlimited free play, five difficulty levels and endless fun during those long lay-overs or waiting for your ride home. Fun and games with this great BlackBerry app using OS 5.0+ keeps your brain sharp.

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In Case Of Emergency – Medical Info FAST!

When you can’t provide first responders with personal and medical information, I.C.E. does. Allergies, medical conditions, who needs a call – all stored securely in this critical care app. A life-saver.

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